Social Action Project

Dear Students,


Each of us needs to lead a meaningful life. If it can be expanding and fulfilling, it is even better. It is a well-known fact that we are independently dependent on connecting to society. When this connection is well understood, we grow to be value-adding and contributing individuals in the community.

Learning and find meaning in our actions is the core of the tenth-grade EQUBE session. This is done by enabling every student to undertake a Social Action Project - SAP. This project's main intention is to bring to action all EQUBE learning on their personal vision and values. This SAP is a possibility for each student to know that he/she can make a difference to someplace or someone in their life.

The experience of COVID and Pandemic across the world has brought the need to wake up, become more environmentally sensitive, enhance the humane qualities, and support each other to live and sustain healthily.

CBSE council has also given guidelines to increase empathy and social consciousness through an activity called “SEWA,” which is very much aligned to SAP, which our students from other schools have been doing for the past twelve plus years. We believe SAP can be

·       Social Action project - Community action/awareness project

·       School Action project

In all the above projects, self-awareness and self-development are significant parts.


Based on the list given by the CBSE council, we have classified them into broad categories to choose from. The students can select their intended area of contribution and influence through SAP based on the SEWA list. Keeping the current situation into consideration, with the relaxation of constraints and permissible actions, the Students can choose to select projects that can be done within the family, within the apartment, with the community.

HEALTH: Awareness raising and demonstrating of a healthy way to handle the effects of the pandemic situation.


Plantation of trees in the community.

   Acquaintance with common fertilizers and pesticides and their application with the appropriate equipment.

  School/ Home/ community gardening project.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Supporting children and adults with special needs within the community through art, educational, or online reading programs.

ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES (yoga, dance, music, art, photography):

Researching on Yoga, Running/ Jogging/ Dancing, Biking/ Cycling within the house, or apartment. Setting a goal and practicing the same. Learning through online programs.

Using ART as a medium of social awareness and using technology to publish the same


Online Art Exhibition for fundraising

Helping to raise funds for beneficiaries affected by COVID issues

Helping to raise funds to sustain NGO and its activities

Supporting NGOs working on innovative projects


Collecting and distributing used and unused books and clothes to the underprivileged

Adopting an old age home for interactive activities – using online possibilities for the same

Teaching-learning programs online for orphanage children


Based on all the Swatch Bharat projects (Swachhta Abhiyan, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat [up to Oct 2018] Paryatan Parv, etc.) various activities to manage the clean environment at home, apartment and community

Help the family members in managing the household by taking up responsibilities and executing them


Inviting professionals from the industry to develop career pathways (App on mobile)

Online volunteering for counseling peers for raising awareness regarding career pathways


Life Skills Activities (Creative and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Effective Communication, Self-Awareness, and Empathy)

Buddies' or 'Peer Mentors' for Adolescence Education, Life Skills Program, etc. online support

Anti-Bullying or Anti-Ragging Committee and awareness-raising short movies, online uploads


Preparation of Family Budget and Maintenance of Daily Household Accounts and managing the same showing tangible better results

Educating others or creating happiness and budget-related index online

ANY OTHER: Any unique projects/issues which the students feel is very relevant to self and society



Some more options from our side based on previous years' SAP presentations:

·      Start NGO seeds with innovative ideas that will channel, transform, develop community addressing some integral problems/ opportunities

·       Teach/ help someone underprivileged, and they benefit either at an individual level or institutional level.

·       Give out lessons in any subject/ topic that they were good at to someone who cannot afford private tuitions, and they benefit.

·      It could be that they kept company with someone lonely and old, and they emotionally felt charged at the end of it. It could be working on an innovation beneficial to others around you.

·      It could be visiting someone ill and supporting them to recover and feel better within the family or neighbourhood.

·       It could be in creating awareness in the society around them about an issue online or boards in apartments

·      It could be identifying a personal problem that they have had and gaining clarity on the same, and taking relevant actions to resolve the same. They can use the ninth grade EQUBE book to identify strengths and weaknesses

These are only some sample possibilities. We want the students to come out with more options that make each of them connect to this world and society at large and realize their own capability to be a part of it and make a difference to it.

Please find the SAP and EQUBE overview at

EFIL has, in the last 13 plus years, undertaken over 550 projects every year. Even during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic and the online classes, the students came out with ingenious ideas to make a difference to themselves and society. Some of them have been awarded Ashoka Young Entrepreneur Fellowship. Some have been TEDx speakers, and some have represented at global level youth forums and at NHRD. The SAP work contributes to the student's portfolio while writing the statement of purpose (SOP) and applying for higher education in universities.

EQUBE and SAP completion certificate is given to each student doing SAP.

Each student has to spend a minimum of 60 hours and a maximum of whatever you need to complete the project.



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